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Jess Hazell is an Australian self taught painter based in Margate, UK. She focuses on oil paintings that illustrate feminine energy, a connection to nature and ordinary aspects of life. 

By illustrating the feminine experience through a colourful palette and emotive brushwork, Jess has created a body of work that seeks to awaken our inner power. Her work gives permission to live authentically, unapologetically and with the much needed confidence we all continuously seek. Through this lens, we understand and appreciate the human need to retreat into a safe space. We recondition our thinking in a modern age that tells us to overwork and succumb to an impossibly high standard of beauty and productivity, to a perspective that allows rest, soul nurturing and realignment to a more authentic living style. 

Jess creates these meaningful works through portraiture, still life and the portrayal of nature. She understands the importance of highlighting moments in life that may seem insignificant, but are part of a greater picture that makes our condition of living much more magical. 


Working to visualise the charm and allure of the mundane and simplistic, Jess creates paintings that speak to our collective need for mindfulness.

Jess has had numerous exhibitions across London, Australia, Athens and Prague. 




current A woman between - Salon Gallery - Margate, UK



2024 SHE SHINES - The Old Pharmacy Gallery- Margate, UK

2020 ANTHROPOLOGIO- Art number 23- dim. egnitiou 8, athens, greece

2020 SEEN FORMS- art number 23- hyb4 gallery, prague, czech republic

2019  VICIOUS CIRCLE- art number 23- the old biscuit factory, london, uk

2019 WHO ARE WE- hackney wicked, the trampery, london, uk

2019 YAS QUEEN- pretty vulgar- the flying dutchman, london, uk

2018 THE SEVENTH SEASON- hale arts exchange, london, uk

2018 PROPERTY TO PERSON- lethally her- campfire shoreditch, london, uk

2017 NEXT- raw artists- arts centre, gold coast, australia


2024 britain uncovered. 'in conversation with...artist, jess hazell!'

2021 britain uncovered. 'interview with visual artist and purple feminist warrior, Jess Hazell'

2020 yugen art. 'the passionate advocate' an interview with jessica hazell

2018 tala woods. creativity, motivation, & identity- global comment


2021 Mouthy Magazine

2021 tits up magazine

2020 house & garden

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